I am Mathias Hall-Andersen, a cryptology PhD student at Aarhus University (Jesper Buus Nielsen / Claudio Orlandi are my advisor/co-advisor resp.). I have a broad interest in security and privacy enhancing technology in general including cryptography, cryptanalysis, coding theory, reverse engineering and anything which lies in the intersection. I also sometimes play/organize CTFs with Kalmarunionen. On this site I post my thoughts on cryptography related technical matters, projects I have been working on and write-ups for CTF challenges.


2020 - 2023 (expected)PhD in Computer ScienceAarhus University
2022 (fall)Visiting ResearcherBoston University (BUSec)
2017 - 2020Master in Computer ScienceUniversity of Copenhagen
2019 (fall)Master Thesis (Contingent Payments)Aarhus University
2018 (fall)ExchangeETH Zürich (D-INFK)
2017Bachelor Thesis (Linear Cryptanalysis)Technical University of Denmark
2014 - 2017Bachelor in Computer ScienceUniversity of Copenhagen


2020 (fall) - 2023PhD StudentAarhus University
2022 (summer)Internship, Cryptographic Engineering (Rust)O(1) Labs, Remote
2021 (summer)Internship (Development/Research on DARPA SIEVE)Trail of Bits, Remote
2020 (fall)Instructor in Distributed Systems and SecurityAarhus University
2020 (summer)Internship (Development/Research on DARPA SIEVE)Trail of Bits, Remote
2020 (spring)External lecturer in Proactive Computer SecurityUniversity of Copenhagen
2019 (fall)Open source development on WireGuard-rs
(NGI; Next-Generation Internet grant)
NLnet (Sponsor)
2019 (spring)Instructor in Proactive Computer SecurityUniversity of Copenhagen
2018 (summer)Internship (Security Consultant)NCC Group, New York
(Cryptography Services)
2017 (fall) - 2018TA in Practical CryptologyTechnical University of Denmark
2017 (summer)Google Summer of Code (created WireGuard-go)WireGuard (Linux Foundation)
2016 (fall)Instructor in Computer SystemsUniversity of Copenhagen
2016Student AssistantDeloitte CRS
2015Java programmerSkandinaviska Enskilda Banken





Fluent in Danish, English, Rust, Python, Sage, C, Go, LaTex and Cryptographic jargon. Shaky in a lot more…


A few examples of my technical writing:


Personal Email\(\text{math}\)\(\text{ias}\)\(@\)\(\text{hall-an}\text{dersen.dk}\)
PGP Key/key.asc or keybase.io, Fingerprint: 71e1ec2b778745710667d51dae331b20b3c8a5c2
Websiterot256.dev – you are looking at it.

Questions? Comments? Interesting projects? Feel free to drop me an email.